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By Fi or Becs, Oct 6 2019 08:00AM

Hip hip hoooray, we're a bit giddy today because we've just recieved a sneak peek of the Cotton Traders 2020 Spring/Summer Preview catalogue... which is full of Becs' copywriting work!

This was SUCH a lovely copywriting job! Writing over 180 product descriptions for lovely clothing and getting to be delightfully creative with words (happy sigh). We adore seeing Becs' words in print!

You can see the full Cotton Traders preview collection (and take a peek at Becs' copywriting work!) by visiting:

Here are some examples for you...

By Fi or Becs, Oct 2 2019 12:38PM

Websites are fun to build and design (and we LOVE writing their wording), but boy they do come with a shed-load of jargon!

Here at Fi & Becs we're certainly not an IT support company... but we do know our way around a website. Lately the omnipotent powers at Google have decided that all websites NEED a SSL certificate to make them nice and secure (you know when you see https:// in your browser address bar and spot that little padlock symbol?). If you're wondering what on earth that means... here it is in basic terms:

"SSL stands for 'Secure Socket Layer.' It is a technology that establishes a secure session link between your visitor's web browser and your website so that all communications transmitted through this link are encrypted and secure."

A website without SSL security displays http:// before the website address in the browser address bar. This stands for 'Hypertext Transfer Protocol' (oooo snazzy) and is the conventional way to transmit information over the Internet.

A website that is secured with a SSL certificate displays https:// (spot the S?) before the address. This stands for 'Secure HTTP'.

So, we hear you shouting "but WHAT does this all mean?"...

- If you don't have SSL security for your website, your site will be labelled as insecure by Google (oh no!).

- This is not good for your SEO (search engine optimisation) and your website might not come up in Google searches (extra oh no!).

- If you don't have SSL security then people can actually be blocked from visiting your website (triple extra oh no!).

Righteo so that's why we all need SSL asap!

It's a good thing in the long run as all websites will become much safer to use. Google has said that it wants ALL sites to be SSL secure (so you need to get that HTTPS for your website now!) and the Google powers will definitely be giving secured sites ranking preferences in Google Search.

So if we built your website and you want to make sure your SSL certificate is sorted just get in touch with us today! We can get your website all shiny and secured with its HTTPS as quick as a cat.

By Fi or Becs, Jul 18 2019 01:32PM

We are rather excited bunnies this Thursday as we have created a new business that will be packed full of info and services for authors-to-be!

It is called... Fi & Books! (See what we did there? Ha!)

For those that don't know, Fi has LOVED creating and self-publishing her Once-Upon-A-Slime children's books over the last 8 years. The series is now complete and she spends a lot of time visiting schools as an author and illustrator.

If you've always fancied being an author... we can help you get that story out of your head and into a book!

We've got a trusty team of hand-picked freelance people including professional writers and talented picture book illustrators who are experts in all the useful bits. The plan is to help people edit, design, print and publish their dream book. Plus we're giving authors the ability to pay the book printing prices normally only available to bigger companies. Hurrah!

We are also SO excited that Fi & Books will be working in partnership with school author event specialists Authors 2 Schools! Authors 2 Schools work with leading book publishers to bring popular children's authors to schools all over the UK. Excitingly, they wanted to partner with us to help more self-published authors visit schools!

Visit the website and let us know what you think!

By Fi or Becs, Jul 2 2019 12:12PM

We're looking for picture book illustrators for an exciting new project we're working on!

So if you have a talent for creating cool, cute or kooky illustrations (or if you know someone who is amazing with a pen... pencils... paints... or drawing on a computer) then please ask them to pop us an email.

Info we need:

Your name

Examples of your picture-book-style illustrations

Links to any social media accounts

Approx prices for your work

Yay, we look forward to hearing you!

By Fi or Becs, Jun 23 2019 12:00PM

Hoooooooooorray we're extra happy to announce that we've started working with Cotton Traders on some very exciting copywriting projects!

Spot the nerdy little copywriter taking a photo of the Cotton Traders office on the way in... hehe. So Becs has got her fashion-copywriting-thinking-cap (yes there is such a thing) firmly on her head this month.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of Becs' copywriting work appearing soon in the Cotton Traders brochures and on their website!

By Fi or Becs, Apr 4 2019 08:48AM

Ah we LOVE a website refresh! We also lovvveee working with clients who embrace their website, learn how to use it and keep it evolving as the years go by!

We've been working with the super lovely (also talented) Kate Scott Photography since 2014... wow that sounds ages ago?!

We felt pure glee when she won an award for her website (Highly Commended in the Best Website category for the National Wedding Industry Awards!) back in 2016... then zoom up to 2019 and she's just announced her refreshed website design with a shiny new colour palette and modern look/feel.

We've loved working on this with Kate! Take a peek:

By Fi or Becs, Mar 22 2019 11:10AM

Videy videy videoooo time! In this video by Start&Grow Becs is chattering about paid advertising... the online kind.

If Google adverts confuse you and you're always suspicious of sinking money into online paid advertising then this video can give you a quick overview. How handy!

Please note! This was filmed a little while ago so 'Google Adwords' is now known as 'GoogleAds'.

The (FREE!) Start&Grow platform is full of videos, courses, business templates and case studies about marketing, budgeting, financial forecasting, market research, taking on staff and funding support... so it's worth signing up for! Go to:

By Fi or Becs, Mar 1 2019 11:54AM

Happy Friday y'all! As a special Friday treat (hah - you lucky things!) here's video 3 from the Start&Grow Digital Marketing course: Using Social Media.

If you're always a bit daunted by the social stuff (wondering which you should use... what's the point in Instagram... what should you tweet on Twitter) then this is a handy quick introduction video.

Note! This was filmed 18 months ago (look - Becs was pregnant!) so some of the info and facts may have changed since then. For example... Google+ is actually shutting down by April this year (it was always a slightly unloved social media channel anyway), Tweets can be longer (hooray - you can now post 280 characters)... and Instagram is huge nowadays, obvs.

You can watch more videos like this on the free Start&Grow Platform:

By Fi or Becs, Feb 20 2019 10:19AM

Here is video number two from the Start&Grow Digital Marketing course: Getting People to Find You Online.

If you've ever wondered:

- How on earth businesses magically get their website to appear on the coveted first page of google.

- What the hell SEO is.

- How to make a 'keyword' list and what Google actually looks for on your website.

... then this video is worth a watch :)


A note from Becs the copywriter... The world of SEO has moved away from purely keyword-focused content, towards more relevant wording written in a natural and genuine tone.... so make sure your copy isn't clunky and keyword obsessed!

You can watch more videos like this on the free Start&Grow Platform:

By Fi or Becs, Feb 15 2019 02:05PM

Hands up if: you run your own business.

Hands up if: you have ever changed the name (or branding) of your business because it has evolved and you want your brand to reflect what you do now.

Sound familiar? Oh yes indeed it does - our hands are firmly up!

One of the things we totally LOVE about running Fi & Becs is the fact that we can tweak, change and alter what we do... whenever we want (with no grumpy boss involved - boom!).

Over the years since we started our little business we have changed our name (anyone remember back in 2014 when we were called Fi & Becs Design & Marketing Partnership? ... blimey that was a bit of a mouthful), tweaked our logo, re-designed our website (multiple times) and altered what we offer to our clients.

So... with Becs returning from maternity leave we decided that 2019 was the perfect time to sort out our own shazzle and update our name, tweak our logo and launch a new website. Yay!

So... we're delighted to introduce our new name:

The observant among you will notice that we have dropped the 'Marketing' and changed our name to: 'Fi & Becs Design & Wording'. We realised that Becs was spending most of her time writing copy for clients (her favourite thing) instead of being a marketing consultant, so it made sense to swap 'marketing' for 'wording'.

Our freshly launched new website (which we are very excitable about) is packed full of lovely new content, examples of our latest work, helpful videos and shiny new photography plus it's mobile responsive too. Hurrah!

We are always banging on to our clients about keeping their websites and marketing materials current. So, if you fancy an update or a fresh new look just get in touch with us!

We hope you like the new website! Take a peek around and let us know your thoughts! :)

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