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By Fi or Becs, Apr 20 2020 03:04PM

<Post by Fi> We'd like to say a HUGE thank you to ALL of the NHS and key workers all over Halifax (where I live!). As we sit here safely working from home on our laptops, we can't thank you enough for the amazing job you are doing!

In response to the wonderful #ClapForOurCarers campaign, we have teamed up with the brilliant Print Bureau in Hebden Bridge and have arranged for our Wainhouse Tower print to be available in 4 colours. ALL profits will be donated to Halifax Opportunities Trust and their food parcels for vulnerable people in Calderdale.

Available in: Mustard, Teal, Grey and Black. The prints can be personalised, with 'Mum' 'Dad' 'Sister'... or someones name.

To order your print, go to Wainhouse Print

Thank you so much! x

By Fi or Becs, Feb 3 2020 12:10PM

<Post by Becs> Yay! The latest Cotton Traders magazine mailer just popped through my postbox and it’s packed full of my copywriting work!

I LOVED writing the wording for their Spring-Summer 2020 collection, but the Weatherproof Jacket above was a personal fave... how cute is the brolly print lining?! Look at the intro... can anyone name the famous book that this quote is from?

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that..."

Combining my love for copywriting with my obsession for books... heaven!

You can take a peek at all the lovely clothing on the Cotton Traders website (beware... you may impulse purchase some clothing items!), but in the meantime, here are some pics of their lovely jackets and cosy cord shirts:

The lovely Cotton Traders team kindly gave us the testimonial below (hoooray!):

"Becs' enthusiasm is contagious, her passion is palpable and her writing is full of life. She's remarkably thorough, thinks of everything (even the things you never knew you needed) and meets even the most impossible of deadlines with flexibility, efficiency and warmth."

By Fi or Becs, Dec 5 2019 12:22PM

Oh it’s just the BEST when a client launches their brand new website with your work all over it! Today we’ve been so happy and excited for the LOVELY Neo & Nessa officially launching their gorgeous new baby bag collection - check out their website for gloriously versatile and chic baby bag loveliness!

Neo & Nessa feel like an extra special client because we’ve both worked with them! Fi helped bring their logo ideas to life (there’s such a cute story behind their branding design - see their latest Insta post!) and she also helped with the bag factory specifications. Becs’ job was wordy wordy wording (obvs) and it was SUCH a lovely job to weave personality into Neo & Nessa’s website content! Happy sigh. As the website hero headline says: “OH MAMA. Baby changing bags just got some extra chic appeal.”

It’s somehow even more awesome when you know you’ve helped an entrepreneur start their dream business. Neo & Nessa was created by a fashion-loving mum with a dream (aka Philippa) and she should be SO PROUD of the amazing bags she has made into reality!

She also kindly gave us the testimonial below:

“This is an accomplished dynamic duo - the Ant & Dec of the copywriting and brand design world. From start to finish both Fi & Becs turned a rather daunting process (for me) into a really pleasurable, non-stressful experience. They spent time getting to know me as well as the brand, and as well as smashing their deadlines, they truly went above and beyond the project task. I can honestly say that they provided a lot more support and advice than most of my friends. Not only will I shout from the roof tops about how utterly brilliant this talented team is but I refuse to use any other company for my future projects.”

Take a peek at the Neo & Nessa website and follow their socials to support a lovely independent British business!

By Fi or Becs, Nov 29 2019 11:00AM

<Post by Becs> I taught my final Digital Marketing Workshop yesterday over at the awesome University of Liverpool Management School.

I fuelled the final year marketing students with sweeties and taught them about website copy, SEO and PPC before setting them loose on dummy Wordpress websites I had created especially for them to test their copywriting skills.

For the last few months while I’ve been teaching this course I’ve hammered on about authenticity, tone of voice, storytelling, brand identity and the importance of being creative with words. I’ve shown the students real life client projects, plenty of Forbes articles, examples of good content (and bad content!) and I’ve put lots of energy into bringing marketing theory to life.

The workshops were designed to teach students PRACTICAL digital marketing skills - the kind of stuff they’ll be expected to do straight away in their first marketing roles. I’ve had them writing (and posting) blog articles, drafting paid Facebook adverts and creating headlines and body copy for website home pages. I wanted them to get hands-on, so they’ve had to navigate real (dummy) Wordpress websites and draft their Facebook adverts on a real (made up) Facebook page.

Teaching these workshops has been SO fun, slightly nerve-wracking and it’s taught me loads. I have been SO SO impressed by the digital marketing content that the students created in their practical sessions. They’ve been working in groups and I gave them tight timescales (like real life!) but they’ve honestly blown me away (and made me grin) with their quick-thinking creativity, enthusiasm and commercial approaches. Yup - some talented future marketing professionals right here!

In 2020 I have exciting plans to offer these Digital Marketing Workshops to other Universities across the UK... if you'd like to know more (or you work at a university and would like to chat about the workshops!) just pop me an email on

By Fi or Becs, Nov 12 2019 10:00AM

OMG SO MUCH excitement for a Tuesday morning! Over in our little offshoot business Fi & Books we have just launched our first EVER Become-An-Author Competition... cue excited squeals!

You might have heard us mention that we started Fi & Books back in July this year... it's a little business designed to help authors who want to self-publish their own children's picture books. Anywayyy, the general gist is that we love picture books. We also love helping aspiring authors to turn their book publishing dreams into reality.

So... Fi & Books is giving one lucky aspiring author the chance to WIN their book edited, illustrated, printed and published for FREE. And we mean REALLY free too, not pretend free!

All you have to do is head over to the Fi & Books website and enter before the 13th December 2019.

Terms and conditions and general info are all on the Fi & Books website too. Good luck!

By Fi or Becs, Oct 29 2019 12:00PM

<Post by Becs> Hands up if you LOVE talking about copywriting, content marketing, corporate communications and marketing audits! (cue tumbleweed...) yeah, I know not EVERYONE gets their giddies on about this stuff... but I really do! Here I am being a very happy lecturer at University of Liverpool Management School yesterday:

The marketeer in me gets SO animated telling undergraduates about the importance of consistency.

The word-nerd in my soul comes alive when I’m lecturing about how copy should be relevant, engaging and clear.

My business brain buzzes when I’m reiterating how you can never forget about internal comms (no really, it’s so important!).

I know that lecturing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but oh how I love it. It’s so fun meeting the students and it’s wonderful hearing their (ridiculously astute) questions and getting their feedback. (Happy sigh.) Okay sorry I’ll shushhh-up now.

By Fi or Becs, Oct 6 2019 08:00AM

Hip hip hoooray, we're a bit giddy today because we've just recieved a sneak peek of the Cotton Traders 2020 Spring/Summer Preview catalogue... which is full of Becs' copywriting work!

This was SUCH a lovely copywriting job! Becs LOVED writing 180 product descriptions for their Spring/Summer collections! It’s SUCH lovely clothing (warning: you might want to buy their super cosy fleece coats) and it was gorgeous creative copy to create! A totally dreamy job.

Keep an eye on the Cotton Traders website early next year when it all launches!

In the meantime, here are some snapshots of Becs' work, you can find even more pics on our copywriting page - woop!

By Fi or Becs, Oct 2 2019 12:38PM

Websites are fun to build and design (and we LOVE writing their wording), but boy they do come with a shed-load of jargon!

Here at Fi & Becs we're certainly not an IT support company... but we do know our way around a website. Lately the omnipotent powers at Google have decided that all websites NEED a SSL certificate to make them nice and secure (you know when you see https:// in your browser address bar and spot that little padlock symbol?). If you're wondering what on earth that means... here it is in basic terms:

"SSL stands for 'Secure Socket Layer.' It is a technology that establishes a secure session link between your visitor's web browser and your website so that all communications transmitted through this link are encrypted and secure."

A website without SSL security displays http:// before the website address in the browser address bar. This stands for 'Hypertext Transfer Protocol' (oooo snazzy) and is the conventional way to transmit information over the Internet.

A website that is secured with a SSL certificate displays https:// (spot the S?) before the address. This stands for 'Secure HTTP'.

So, we hear you shouting "but WHAT does this all mean?"...

- If you don't have SSL security for your website, your site will be labelled as insecure by Google (oh no!).

- This is not good for your SEO (search engine optimisation) and your website might not come up in Google searches (extra oh no!).

- If you don't have SSL security then people can actually be blocked from visiting your website (triple extra oh no!).

Righteo so that's why we all need SSL asap!

It's a good thing in the long run as all websites will become much safer to use. Google has said that it wants ALL sites to be SSL secure (so you need to get that HTTPS for your website now!) and the Google powers will definitely be giving secured sites ranking preferences in Google Search.

So if we built your website and you want to make sure your SSL certificate is sorted just get in touch with us today! We can get your website all shiny and secured with its HTTPS as quick as a cat.

By Fi or Becs, Jul 18 2019 01:32PM

We are rather excited bunnies this Thursday as we have created a new business that will be packed full of info and services for authors-to-be!

It is called... Fi & Books! (See what we did there? Ha!)

For those that don't know, Fi has LOVED creating and self-publishing her Once-Upon-A-Slime children's books over the last 8 years. The series is now complete and she spends a lot of time visiting schools as an author and illustrator.

If you've always fancied being an author... we can help you get that story out of your head and into a book!

We've got a trusty team of hand-picked freelance people including professional writers and talented picture book illustrators who are experts in all the useful bits. The plan is to help people edit, design, print and publish their dream book. Plus we're giving authors the ability to pay the book printing prices normally only available to bigger companies. Hurrah!

We are also SO excited that Fi & Books will be working in partnership with school author event specialists Authors 2 Schools! Authors 2 Schools work with leading book publishers to bring popular children's authors to schools all over the UK. Excitingly, they wanted to partner with us to help more self-published authors visit schools!

Visit the website and let us know what you think!

By Fi or Becs, Jul 2 2019 12:12PM

We're looking for picture book illustrators for an exciting new project we're working on!

So if you have a talent for creating cool, cute or kooky illustrations (or if you know someone who is amazing with a pen... pencils... paints... or drawing on a computer) then please ask them to pop us an email.

Info we need:

Your name

Examples of your picture-book-style illustrations

Links to any social media accounts

Approx prices for your work

Yay, we look forward to hearing you!

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