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Becs' Digital Marketing Workshops at Liverpool University Management School!

By Fi or Becs, Nov 29 2019 11:00AM

<Post by Becs> I taught my final Digital Marketing Workshop yesterday over at the awesome University of Liverpool Management School.

I fuelled the final year marketing students with sweeties and taught them about website copy, SEO and PPC before setting them loose on dummy Wordpress websites I had created especially for them to test their copywriting skills.

For the last few months while I’ve been teaching this course I’ve hammered on about authenticity, tone of voice, storytelling, brand identity and the importance of being creative with words. I’ve shown the students real life client projects, plenty of Forbes articles, examples of good content (and bad content!) and I’ve put lots of energy into bringing marketing theory to life.

The workshops were designed to teach students PRACTICAL digital marketing skills - the kind of stuff they’ll be expected to do straight away in their first marketing roles. I’ve had them writing (and posting) blog articles, drafting paid Facebook adverts and creating headlines and body copy for website home pages. I wanted them to get hands-on, so they’ve had to navigate real (dummy) Wordpress websites and draft their Facebook adverts on a real (made up) Facebook page.

Teaching these workshops has been SO fun, slightly nerve-wracking and it’s taught me loads. I have been SO SO impressed by the digital marketing content that the students created in their practical sessions. They’ve been working in groups and I gave them tight timescales (like real life!) but they’ve honestly blown me away (and made me grin) with their quick-thinking creativity, enthusiasm and commercial approaches. Yup - some talented future marketing professionals right here!

In 2020 I have exciting plans to offer these Digital Marketing Workshops to other Universities across the UK... if you'd like to know more (or you work at a university and would like to chat about the workshops!) just pop me an email on

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