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Hands up if you LOVE lecturing!

By Fi or Becs, Oct 29 2019 12:00PM

<Post by Becs> Hands up if you LOVE talking about copywriting, content marketing, corporate communications and marketing audits! (cue tumbleweed...) yeah, I know not EVERYONE gets their giddies on about this stuff... but I really do! Here I am being a very happy lecturer at University of Liverpool Management School yesterday:

The marketeer in me gets SO animated telling undergraduates about the importance of consistency.

The word-nerd in my soul comes alive when I’m lecturing about how copy should be relevant, engaging and clear.

My business brain buzzes when I’m reiterating how you can never forget about internal comms (no really, it’s so important!).

I know that lecturing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but oh how I love it. It’s so fun meeting the students and it’s wonderful hearing their (ridiculously astute) questions and getting their feedback. (Happy sigh.) Okay sorry I’ll shushhh-up now.

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