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Why is everyone talking about SSL certificates and HTTPS?

By Fi or Becs, Oct 2 2019 12:38PM

Websites are fun to build and design (and we LOVE writing their wording), but boy they do come with a shed-load of jargon!

Here at Fi & Becs we're certainly not an IT support company... but we do know our way around a website. Lately the omnipotent powers at Google have decided that all websites NEED a SSL certificate to make them nice and secure (you know when you see https:// in your browser address bar and spot that little padlock symbol?). If you're wondering what on earth that means... here it is in basic terms:

"SSL stands for 'Secure Socket Layer.' It is a technology that establishes a secure session link between your visitor's web browser and your website so that all communications transmitted through this link are encrypted and secure."

A website without SSL security displays http:// before the website address in the browser address bar. This stands for 'Hypertext Transfer Protocol' (oooo snazzy) and is the conventional way to transmit information over the Internet.

A website that is secured with a SSL certificate displays https:// (spot the S?) before the address. This stands for 'Secure HTTP'.

So, we hear you shouting "but WHAT does this all mean?"...

- If you don't have SSL security for your website, your site will be labelled as insecure by Google (oh no!).

- This is not good for your SEO (search engine optimisation) and your website might not come up in Google searches (extra oh no!).

- If you don't have SSL security then people can actually be blocked from visiting your website (triple extra oh no!).

Righteo so that's why we all need SSL asap!

It's a good thing in the long run as all websites will become much safer to use. Google has said that it wants ALL sites to be SSL secure (so you need to get that HTTPS for your website now!) and the Google powers will definitely be giving secured sites ranking preferences in Google Search.

So if we built your website and you want to make sure your SSL certificate is sorted just get in touch with us today! We can get your website all shiny and secured with its HTTPS as quick as a cat.

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