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By Fi or Becs, Nov 29 2019 11:00AM

<Post by Becs> I taught my final Digital Marketing Workshop yesterday over at the awesome University of Liverpool Management School.

I fuelled the final year marketing students with sweeties and taught them about website copy, SEO and PPC before setting them loose on dummy Wordpress websites I had created especially for them to test their copywriting skills.

For the last few months while I’ve been teaching this course I’ve hammered on about authenticity, tone of voice, storytelling, brand identity and the importance of being creative with words. I’ve shown the students real life client projects, plenty of Forbes articles, examples of good content (and bad content!) and I’ve put lots of energy into bringing marketing theory to life.

The workshops were designed to teach students PRACTICAL digital marketing skills - the kind of stuff they’ll be expected to do straight away in their first marketing roles. I’ve had them writing (and posting) blog articles, drafting paid Facebook adverts and creating headlines and body copy for website home pages. I wanted them to get hands-on, so they’ve had to navigate real (dummy) Wordpress websites and draft their Facebook adverts on a real (made up) Facebook page.

Teaching these workshops has been SO fun, slightly nerve-wracking and it’s taught me loads. I have been SO SO impressed by the digital marketing content that the students created in their practical sessions. They’ve been working in groups and I gave them tight timescales (like real life!) but they’ve honestly blown me away (and made me grin) with their quick-thinking creativity, enthusiasm and commercial approaches. Yup - some talented future marketing professionals right here!

In 2020 I have exciting plans to offer these Digital Marketing Workshops to other Universities across the UK... if you'd like to know more (or you work at a university and would like to chat about the workshops!) just pop me an email on

By Fi or Becs, Oct 29 2019 12:00PM

<Post by Becs> Hands up if you LOVE talking about copywriting, content marketing, corporate communications and marketing audits! (cue tumbleweed...) yeah, I know not EVERYONE gets their giddies on about this stuff... but I really do! Here I am being a very happy lecturer at University of Liverpool Management School yesterday:

The marketeer in me gets SO animated telling undergraduates about the importance of consistency.

The word-nerd in my soul comes alive when I’m lecturing about how copy should be relevant, engaging and clear.

My business brain buzzes when I’m reiterating how you can never forget about internal comms (no really, it’s so important!).

I know that lecturing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but oh how I love it. It’s so fun meeting the students and it’s wonderful hearing their (ridiculously astute) questions and getting their feedback. (Happy sigh.) Okay sorry I’ll shushhh-up now.

By Fi or Becs, Feb 12 2019 10:00AM

A little while ago Becs filmed some digital marketing videos for the e-learning platform Start&Grow (with snazzy graphics!).

We thought we would share the videos on our new website because they're super useful if you're starting a business... or if you already run one! (See if you can spot Becs' baby bump on here, she was 6 months pregnant at the time!)

This video is: Content is Everything (her personal fave) but you can also find the videos below on our About Us page.

- Using Storytelling

- Using Social Media

- Paying to Appear in Search Results

- Getting People to Find You Online

- Email Marketing

Launched as a national programme of business support, the Start&Grow Platform aims to simplify the process of starting and scaling a business.

The (FREE!) Platform is full of videos, courses, business templates and case studies about marketing, budgeting, financial forecasting, market research, taking on staff and funding support... so it's worth signing up for! Go to:

By Fi or Becs, Jan 15 2018 02:41PM

What better way to start the year... than with the launch of an exciting new video project!

In the middle of last year we started working with British youth charity Rathbone Training and social enterprise GetMyFirstJob on a number of projects focusing on apprenticeships.

After Becs' stint on BBC One's The Apprentice, it's been fascinating to find out more about the growing apprenticeship opportunities that exist in the UK and how brilliant they are!

Taking along a mini microphone, a clip-board and the wonderful camera skills of Ailsa Bee Photography, Becs hit the streets of Manchester city centre to ask the general public what they think about apprenticeships.

Take a look at the video!

Here's some more info from the press release!

"Ex-BBC ‘The Apprentice” contestant takes to the streets to ask people what they know about apprenticeships

There has always been a stigma attached to apprenticeships, but with advanced and degree apprenticeships in more industries than every before, that stigma is no longer true. Apprenticeships are for anyone in many industries. Rebecca Jeffery, a candidate from the BBC Apprentice Series in 2016, took to the streets of Manchester to ask people what they know about apprenticeships.

Together, GetMyFirstJob and Rathbone Training want to challenge the misconceptions attached to apprenticeships and with the help of Rebecca Jeffery have created a Vox-Pop video to see what people’s views and knowledge is up to date, with mixed results.

James Bridgman, Marketing Director at GetMyFirstJob said “It was great to work with Rebecca again to create a video that will help inform people about apprenticeships and promote some great opportunities with our partner Rathbone Training.”

What a fab project!

By Fi or Becs, Nov 21 2017 05:52PM

You might remember that Becs was doing some filming for a project back in September... well we're excitable to announce the launch of the new Start&Grow platform!

More about the Start&Grow platform:

The Start&Grow platform a totally ace (FREE!) e-learning platform full of videos, courses, business plan templates, real-life examples, funding support info and live advice chat for wannabe start-ups and growing businesses.

Launched as a national programme of business support, the platform aims to simplify the process of starting and scaling a business.

If you're starting a business... or you already run one, it's definitely worth signing up to the platform! Plus Becs is presenting the course on Digital Marketing... so you can watch her and giggle at the snazzy graphics. Here's a quick snippet from one of the videos (the rest of the video plus the full Digital Marketing course is available to watch on the platform itself):

Here's what Start&Grow say about the Digital Marketing course presented by Becs:

In this course, we’re going to be looking at all of the different ways you can promote and grow your business online – whether that’s through your website, email campaigns, digital advertising through platforms, such as Google and Facebook. Or by using social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Finally, we’ll look at the ways you can measure your digital marketing activity, so that you can see if what you are doing works, and how you can make it more effective.

You will learn -

- Why digital marketing has to be part of your promotional plans

- The range of digital marketing options available to you, and how to use them

- How to plan a digital marketing strategy

- How to set goals and measure results

- The legal implications of using digital marketing

Take a look and sign up: go to the Start&Grow platform!

Nice stuff:

Becs also got some lovely feedback from Tin Can Digital, the production company who made the videos for Start&Grow:

"Becs is one of the most engaging and professional presenters we’ve had the chance to work with. Her style is energetic, bright and dynamic and she keeps audiences focused whatever the subject. Recording in studio with her was a pleasure and she maintained her energy levels throughout the day, making sure that the first take of the morning was delivered with the same infectious gusto as the last! We’re really looking forward to doing more with her!"

- Fiona Ryder, Creative Director at Tin Can Digital

By Fi or Becs, Jun 27 2017 02:00PM

We are proud to be a family business (obvs) and we're also proud to work with loads of family businesses, so when Becs was asked to speak at the Greater Manchester Family Business Event this July we were chuffed about it.

Alongside chattering to people all about Fi & Becs (and The Apprentice) at the event, Becs was also interviewed by Paul Andrews founder of Family Business United, a global family business community and an invaluable source of insight into the sector.

You can read the full interview here, but we've also popped some of our favourite bits below:

Rebecca Jeffery is full of life, energy and passion for what she does as she shares her insight into her life in business with her sister Fi which they set up over three years ago, aptly named Fi and Becs Design and Marketing.

Life for Becs began in the corporate world in the worlds of funerals and telecommunications. As she explains, "I loved what I did and had a real passion for the marketing side of things which was great. I worked long hours and loved what I did and for me it was like a childhood dream fulfilled as I loved writing as a child and dreamt of becoming an author so the world of marketing and copywriting is probably as close as I could get. I do feel very fortunate to have had the roles that I had!"

Much has been written over the years about siblings starting out in business together but Fi and Becs are certainly bucking any negative trends. "It took about six months of working together to set the parameters and framework for the way we work today," continues Becs, adding "After six months we really respected each other and we are wired the same way too which really helps and in meetings it is like we can read each others minds - we certainly know what the other is going to say even before they have said it!"

Fi and Becs both have young children - Becs has Olly who is now 4 and Fi has two children under the age of 9. "Family is integral to who we both are and has been right from the start," continues Becs. "Our business is built around us meeting the needs of our clients whilst being Mums too. We make no attempt to hide from our parental roles and embrace being Mums, flexibly working to get things done and our clients all know that we work later but are not around much from 3-7pm and that is OK!"

Ah, some of Becs' comments even made Fi feel all emotional - what a softie.

By Fi or Becs, May 11 2017 08:47AM

Unsurprisingly, public speaking is one of Becs' favourite things. Whether she's the keynote speaker at a business show, guest lecturing to undergraduates or talking at an awards ceremony - she's guaranteed to be interesting, amusing and full of energy. She just likes to talk. A lot.

Because Becs loves talking SO much, we've just added her public speaking info onto our website.

Here she is prattling on about it:

I can craft a talk around your chosen topics, tell the story of my successful start-up business or focus on marketing, branding and copywriting (plus weaving in some experiences from my time on The Apprentice!) - whatever you need.

My approach is fun, engaging and honest. I believe in sharing values, inspiring people to believe in themselves and being sincere, lively and approachable.

I worked in corporate marketing teams for years so I understand the right tone for business conferences, I pitch to big brands regularly for Fi & Becs and I'm a Mum so I know how to talk to kids or students!

Some people even said nice things about her:

“What a breath of fresh air! Becs kept our students entranced with her energy, anecdotes and detailed knowledge of branding and digital marketing. Her passion for marketing and ability to capture a business’ essence through spot on branding was addictive.”

- Fiona Syson, Programme Leader of Marketing at Edge Hill University

“I really enjoyed Becs' guest lecture on Friday. She was so nice and down to earth and she is a true inspiration. She made me feel excited about finishing my degree and I'm actually looking forward to gaining a graduate scheme if I'm lucky enough. I was quite nervous and was unsure of my future but she made feel at ease and excited for my future now :-) She proved that anything is capable if you put your mind to it!"

- Lisa Newall, Marketing Undergraduate

“A super-engaging speaker with an incredibly inspiring story. Your enthusiasm really rubbed off on me and I didn't sleep much afterwards as my brain was buzzing (with ideas, not the Amaretto). Thoroughly recommended to anyone keen to learn how to make their entrepreneurial dreams happen while remaining down-to-earth and honest."

- Lucy van Biljon, attended Becs' Storytelling Masterclass

So... if you're looking for a refreshing conference speaker or someone to inspire students about business then get in touch!

By Fi or Becs, Apr 23 2017 08:00AM

Chatter from Becs:

When I was a teenager I used to draw cartoons all the time. I was one of those people who wrote a daily diary (SO awesome yet hugely cringeworthy to flick through now that I'm a grown up) and I would always mark the day out of ten (yep!) and draw a cartoon about what had happened.

Now that I'm 32 I've decided to start doing cartoons again about the stuff that is in my head... I do get a lot of stuff in my head.

So, here is the first one - it's about public speaking. I've been doing loads of public speaking lately (things like conferences, business shows, lectures, black tie events etc.) and this is my tip for getting rid of those evil tummy butterflies that you might experience. (I used this trick on The Apprentice too and it TOTALLY worked.)

If you have to speak in front of people and you get those nasty, worried, anxious, stomach churning, vomit inducing nerves... just think solidly about something that you love. Really concentrate on the happy-love-feelings and ignore the doom laden ones. It's amazing how the happy-love-feelings can cancel out the evil butterflies and turn them into something positive and useful. It's a bit like consuming mouthfuls of love-based Gaviscon to cure your evil butterfly heartburn.

My thing is to think about my little boy. I concentrate on thoughts about his swimming lessons or daydream about us playing in the garden... surprisingly that stops me feeling nervous in front of 300 strangers. Hoorah.

Good luck banishing the evil butterflies!

By Fi or Becs, Jan 5 2016 01:53PM

Back in early December 2015, Becs was very excited to be invited to speak at the first ever award ceremony held by the fantastic ParentPreneur Networking.

ParentPreneur Networking (which was started by a lovely and inspiring lady called Angela) is a monthly networking event, aimed at parents who either have their own business or are thinking of starting their own business.

The awards took place in the fabulous Le Vin La Table in Hale and was attended by ParentPreneurs from all over the North. Equipped with some gorgeous wine and an iPad (plus some video clips!), Becs gave a talk about how Fi & Becs began, how our business has grown so quickly and how we juggle running our business alongside looking after our three little people.

Being guest speaker at the ParentPreneur awards ceremony was such a great experience, it was a lovely evening meeting other parents who run their own businesses and fantastic to see who won!

Having been finalists for the National Mumpreneur Boost Award last year, we (especially Becs who enjoys talking...) LOVE speaking about being Mums who have designed our business to fit around our kids. As we said in a recent newspaper article:

“We both firmly believe that when starting your own business you can use your role as a working Mum as a real strength. We’ve actually found that being Mums has helped us win contracts with companies like Matalan and Mothercare who are looking to engage with busy parents running households all over the UK."

Excitingly, Angela from ParentPreneur has invited Becs to come along and talk again at their newly launched networking event in Knutsford on the 12th January.

For more information or to buy tickets to the event visit the ParentPreneur website.

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